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Social Business, Community Management and More Digital Highlights

Every month, Fleishman-Hillard’s digital team presents a selection of last month’s most noteworthy and interesting articles. All you need to know to stay informed!

This month’s highlights include:

  • The digital skills every PR pro should have
  • Handy tools: PopShared and Favstar
  • An Altimeter Group study: from social business to crisis communication

Four digital skills PR pros should have
As an all-round PR consultant, you’re not expected to know the ins and outs of digital (that’s where the specialists are for) but you cannot do without some basic digital skills. This article discusses the four digital skills every PR consultant should have.

Lego Brand-Hijacks The Space Shuttle, Takes Over The News
Good story about news and brand jacking. Lego has mastered the art of making news by associating itself with a topical issue. And P&G has developed off-the-shelf scenarios to respond quickly to major events.

Social media & social business

Altimeter Group reveals social business readiness
A must read! The Altimeter Group conducted a study into how organizations can transform themselves into social businesses. The report indentifies some interesting indicators that define how a company is progressing towards becoming a social business, focusing on the areas of people, process & technology.

Your trainee as a spearhead for social media (in Dutch)
An old issue that, unfortunately, still holds relevance. Too often, social media are left to be dealt with by trainees. Yet the mere fact that a person knows how to use Facebook or Twitter does not make him or her a communications specialist. Social media are nothing but channels to meet communication objectives.

What’s the ROI? A framework for social analytics
Brian Solis opens his blog with a quote from Albert Einstein: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Good article about the measurability of social media. Solis helps to make the link between business objectives and social media tactics.

The anatomy of a social media crisis
Another piece about the Altimeter Group study, now focusing on how a crisis develops in the online environment. The study shows how a crisis spreads across multiple platforms: communities, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and Facebook. Sectors like consumer goods, apparel & fashion, restaurants, Internet & retail are particularly sensitive to social crises.

Define your social brand
How can you translate a brand into a conversation? A brand guide will prove a poor basis for entering into a meaningful dialogue. An underestimated yet essential factor is defining your brand voice. The article discusses some aspects to consider, from brand personality to brand vocabulary.

Community management

10 commandments of community management
Extensive SlideShare presentation on the do’s and don’ts of community management.

Trend: some community management activities to be outsourced
Overview of the latest trends in community management, including the fact that organizations increasingly decide to manage their community strategy themselves, while contracting out the operational community tasks.

Tools and other digital news

PopShared (in Dutch)
New Dutch start-up that provides insight into which websites – and articles – achieve most retweets. Nice to know for drafting media lists. Current top 3:
1. – tech
2. Frankwatching (surprisingly!)
3. Emerce

Want to know how valuable your tweets are? Check out FavStar to see which tweets are marked as ‘favorite’ and by whom.

Digital industry launches “don’t stalk me” register (in Dutch)
Last week saw the online introduction of a digital ‘volg-me-niet’ (“don’t stalk me”) register. The new register is the digital sector’s response to the privacy and cookie debate and should help to position the sector as transparent and privacy-respecting. Soon after its launch, the register became overcrowded with visitors, which shows people’s online annoyances.