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Google vs. Facebook and more digital highlights

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In brief, the highlights in this edition:

  • Google vs. Facebook
  • Virtual shopping in South Korea
  • Facebook Rank Edge important for search
  • And more …

Google vs. Facebook

Recently the battle between Google and Facebook reached a new stage. Google attacked Facebook by launching Google +, a new social network. For now Google+ is only accessible to an exclusive group of users, but soon it will be open for everyone to join. The look and feel of Google + is similar to Facebook, but the fact that you can manage your friends in the so called Google circles is new. That sounds pretty exciting, but actually it is nothing more but the option to organising your friends in lists (colleagues, family, friends, etc.). This option also exists within Facebook, but is difficult to find and not easy of use.

First brand with a Google+ account and implications for communication/PR
Right after the launch, Ford set up the first (unofficial) company account on Google+, but immediately got warned off by Google. Google will close all non-personal accounts, as they will launch their official brand pages. Last Friday the company announced that this will happen within two weeks. We will follow this closely. If you want to read more about the implications for PR and communication professionals, read this article for a clear overview.

Facebook: News!
And not surprisingly last week Facebook revenged with some ‘news’. Unfortunately it was not the big announcement that was promised. The developments are all related to the Facebook chat function: the release of group chat and video calling (in close collaboration with Skype).

What about the future?
There are many different opinions about Google +, but it seems that this new network could be the new big thing in social media. In any case, Google + already is more successful than Google Wave ever was (do you remember?). Also plenty of people are looking for ways to integrate Facebook in Google+. For example, this article shows how to import you Facebook newsfeed into Google+.

Nevertheless, we feel strongly that Facebook is slowly losing ground to Google. For example, Facebook has not released any real innovations recently. To counter Google+, Mark Zuckerberg needs to launch something really revolutionary. We also expect the brand pages of Google+ to be much more attractive than the Facebook brand pages, because of the combination with Google search.

Fun fact: Mark Zuckerberg has the most followers on Google+ worldwide.

Digital in general

PrivacyVille: Zynga turns its privacy policy into a game
Zynga the game company (known from farmville)uses its own clever techniques to inform their users about the Zynga privacy policy: through a game.

Tesco Homeplus virtual subway store in South Korea
A new way of grocery shopping in South Korea. Is this the future of shopping?

Grow your social capital
With Empire Avenue, you can sell yourself into shares. How? You can read it in this article (in Dutch).

Mancx, the paid version of Quora
The knowledge market is both changing ánd booming. After rising star Quora, now Mancx has been launched. More information about ‘The Rise of the knowledge market’.

Online PR / PA

Twitter town hall meeting Obama (in Dutch)
Obama has an interview of the week on Twitter, a “twinterview ‘. A good example of citizen participation.


The end of Google Real time search?
Perhaps you already noticed that Google stopped showing Twitter updates in search results. Why? The contract between Google and Twitter has ended and that means (at least for now) the end of Google Real time search. We expect that Google will integrate some kind of real time search within Google+.

Facebook Rank Edge important for search
For the tech savvy’s among us: SEO techniques are spreading. It is not only important to optimise your content for search engines, but also for visibility on Facebook. The Facebook Edgerank is a special algorithm that determines whether your message is interesting enough to show in your fans news feed. This video explains the way of working and the implications of the Edgerank. In the long run a fast booming number of fans will be working against your page if you don’t focus on a clear target audience. If page growth means that fans are becoming less similar to each other as more fans are added, new posts may not even show up in their newsfeed due to the Edgerank.

Community management

Maintaining engagement on large Facebook Pages
Recent research about large Facebook pages shows: the larger your Facebook page, the less fan engagement. It is therefore very important to have a good Edgerank score!

Why do people follow brands online?
This infographic provides some good insights into the reasons why people follow brands.

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